Musical Meet and Greet

Hi! I'm John Michael Swartz. I am a producer, audio engineer, cellist, and composer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. My specialties include on-location recording of classical, jazz, folk, and rock -- as well as experimental & alternative production techniques in the spirit of John Cage and Brian Eno. As a classically trained cellist-gone-feral, I pride myself on my ability to communicate musically across genres and disciplines.

I also make experimental computer music.

Partly the result of early experiences in the riot grrl/punk rock/diy scene in San Diego, my recording aesthetic actively de-emphasizes the role of technology and emphasizes lucid technique and humaneness above all. That is to say, I have chosen my equipment not for its character or cachet, but for its reliability, practicality, and transparency; and the sound sought after is never entirely dependent upon any particular piece of equipment. The sound sought after is coaxed from its hiding place in our hearts and heads with an entirely different sort of machinery.

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